L i v i n g    W o r d    F e l l o w s h i p

Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.    1 Peter 1:23

"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 1Peter 5:6-7


Every man ought to have a church home. You ought to have a place, not just to float about from pillar to post, but have somewhere that you go to church and you call it your church, somewhere you pay your tithe, and somewhere that you help support the cause.



Date Preacher Sermon Title Slides Audio Video
31 Dec 2015 Abe Pienaar Watchnight
29 Dec 2015 Ron Peterson Ye Know Not What Ye Ask
27 Dec 2015 Abe Pienaar Faithful Servant
20 Dec 2015 Darrell Ward Like A Bottle In The Smoke
20 Dec 2015 Darrell Ward There's A Healer Coming By
19 Dec 2015 Darrell Ward Tell Me Your Secret
15 Dec 2015 Billy Maia Two Popes At The End Time
13 Dec 2015 Abe Pienaar Confess Me Before Men
8 Dec 2015 Abe Pienaar Abiding Faithful
6 Dec 2015 Chris Maritz Lacked Ye Anything
6 Dec 2015 Robert Wilson Whose Prisoner Are You
29 Nov 2015 Chris Maritz The Veil Of The Son Of Man
24 Nov 2015 Abe Pienaar The Name Of The Lord
22 Nov 2015 Abraham Mairah Fellowship of the Mystery vs That of The Right Hand
22 Nov 2015 Abraham Mairah The Attack That Triggers The Omega Victory
17 Nov 2015 Mladen Samoukovic Oneness:The Book Of John
15 Nov 2015 Abe Pienaar A Cure For Sin
10 Nov 2015 Chris Maritz Living Fruits Of His Prescence
8 Nov 2015 Paul Haylett My Shepherd
3 Nov 2015 Abe Pienaar Blessing I Will Bless Thee
1 Nov 2015 Abe Pienaar The Day Of The Lord Pt3
27 Oct 2015 Abe Pienaar Benefits Of Christ
25 Oct 2015 Abe Pienaar The Day Of The Lord Pt2
20 Oct 2015 David Nash Deliverance From The Mouth Of The Lion
18 Oct 2015 Chris Maritz Make Them A King
13 Oct 2015 Abe Pienaar Proof Of His Election
11 Oct 2015 Abe Pienaar I Will Sing Praises
6 Oct 2015 Chris Maritz Handfuls Of Purpose
4 Oct 2015 Abe Pienaar The Day Of The Lord
27 Sep 2015 Abe Pienaar God's Way
6 Sep 2015 Chris Maritz The Tabernacle
26 May 2015 Chris Maritz In That Day
17 May 2015 Chris Maritz The Purpose
12 May 2015 Brian Freeborn Sovreignity Of God?
2 May 2015 Abe Pienaar Who Am I?
28 Apr 2015 Chris Maritz The Key To The Gate
19 Apr 2015 Chris Maritz Standin In The Gates
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